The fall semester is quickly approaching, which means to many of us (not me, I am sadly 30), summer is nearing its inevitable end. We thought we could help ease the pain of returning to the books by finally having our second go-around of our Heavy Rotation dance party series. We debuted our first installment last fall as part of the Elmwood Village’s annual Mass Appeal event at the Pierce Arrow, and for this time around, we are taking over the back room of Hardware to showcase some of our favorite area DJs with our very own back-to-school dance.

On Friday, September 12th, join us as Chauncey Tails, DJ Pizza Pizza, and Teenwolf will man the back while Rick Jameson (Spooky Sean of Spooky Business) will loosen everyone up as he gets things going in the front room.

Heavy Rotation: Back To School Dance is a 21+ event. Music kicks off at 11pm, with a cover of $5.