Don’t miss new-kids-on-the-block The Soft Love playing Nietzsche’s tonight at 9pm

The young local group, which played its debut show at the same Allentown venue on Jan. 17 of this year, brings together members of the Buffalo-based rock groups Son of the Sun and the Thermidors.

With The Soft Love being so young – and with next to no recorded material of theirs yet released – it’s still anyones guess what exactly they will bring to the stage tonight. But the Thermidors have a clear affinity for classic rock, blues and garage rock. Meanwhile, Son of the Sun – now defunct – were more informed by shoegaze and moody post-punk (think Interpol or Joy Division with more traditional rock vocals).

Desert rockers Johnny Nobody and the garage rock trio, The Naturalists, will open the show.

Nietszche’s is located at 248 Allen St. Cover is $5.