Cosmic forces beyond our limited human capacity for understanding are aligning tonight in Allentown when beloved but currently defunct hillbilly psycho cowpunk outfit Well Worn Boot reunite for one night only at Nietzsche’s with an absolutely stacked all star bill. Prepare your mind and body for a potentially Jodorowskyesque (or is it Schlesingeresque?) journey that will test everything you have as you venture up the unholy mountain, urged upward by Fredtown steam folk punk foursome Mr. Boneless, also reuniting for the evening; Rochester freakazoids Harmonica Lewinski and experimental acoustic duo Green Schwinn before the deranged masked men of Well Worn Boot unleash god knows what upon those in attendance and doing whatever they’re going to do to us to break on through to their own twisted version of enlightenment.

Will it be legal? Maybe. Will it be preposterous, twisted, and not soon to be forgotten? Without question. Doors are at 8pm and cost of admission to the once in a lifetime happening is $12. Get there early to make sure you get in as this will be sure to sell out.