What the hell is The Soft Love? The band has no recorded material to its name, has never played a show (although that will end after tonight), and yet, at the time of this posting, has over 80 RSVPs to this evening’s event page.

Well, we do know some info about the band. The four-piece is made up of members of the recently departed Son of the Sun and former Mohawk greats, The Thermidors, so the pedigree and benefit of the doubt is certainly on the band’s side. And according to member Jeremy Franklin, the quartet will be tapping into some of that darker garage sound ala Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, so he’s got me listening.

You can find out what the hype is all about tonight at Nietzsche’s as The Soft Love will make its live debut supported by Rochester’s The Absolutes and DJ Lulu, so I suppose we can all judge for ourselves soon enough. The show begins at 9:30 and has a $5 cover.

Now normally, we include an audio/video sample from the band here, but since we have nothing to work with yet (although some not so sneaky social media research shows the band in the recording stages over at GCR), I will just leave you with something from Son of the Sun and The Thermidors, cause you have to listen to something right?