The theme of tonight’s show is expect the unexpected, and with Buffalo’s favorite avant-garde artist, Jeremy Jermaine Jerome (performing as just ending now), you should expect more than just name confusion.

The show, held at Babeville’s Asbury Hall, will be known, for this one magical night, as the lyrics labyrinth. No word on whether there will be an actual labyrinth, or if David Bowie and/or Jennifer Connelly and her majestic eyebrows are dropping by, but according to the event page, there will be surprise appearances.

For just $10, you get an intimate evening with just ending now as he adapt his upcoming album, self (destructive), into a theater-worthy display known as the missing link.

Conducted by the multi-talented Art Lakewood, who will be blurring the lines of fantasy in ways Robin Thicke can only dream about, the show is truly art coming to life in provocative and evocative ways.

Have a set of bongos you just don’t get to bang on enough? Bring ’em to the show, as JJJ has encouraged the audience to bring their own percussion instruments to enhance the opening ceremony, performed by the Healing Drum Circle of JuiceUp!. Note: your instruments should only be played during this part of the evening, and nobody likes a show-stealer.

Doors for this belief-suspending, spellbinding evening are at 6pm, and the show (which is all ages, but has bar service for the 21+ crowd) starts at 7pm.