OK, your Monday probably sucks so far, but tonight is another story because Sugar City is hosting a show guaranteed to make it all worth while featuring life affirming art rockers Terror Pigeon and NYC  punks White Rope.

Terror Pigeon, from Nashville Tennessee, put on an amazing and deeply affecting show at Dreamland (sigh) a few years back that was generous and uplifting in a humanist, inclusive way,  so that will be especially nice. Think a more hyper Dan Deacon and you’ll get the idea.

White Rope will be joining the fray to play some skull crushing, modern punk for your liberating pleasure, while NYC media artist Eric Barry Drasin will be presenting/performing a Power Point opus on how to make it big in the speed metal game. Local evil hip hop artist Medusa and beloved rap malcontent Jack Topht will be rounding out the show with their nasty beats, which gets going at 7pm for the reasonable price of $5.