Is your Monday in need of a little color? These gray skies have a stranglehold on your morale, you say? Well I’ve got your remedy right here: Atsuko Chiba. The Montreal outfit specializes in dark and gripping experimental prog rock similar to what you’d hear from a collaboration between Mogwai, Balance & Composure, and Pink Floyd, and the quintet is hitting Buffalo’s Dreamland tonight to clear up your Monday blues. Not only will Chiba make your ears happy, but they’ll satisfy your eyes with their live show, which “aims to create immersive sensorial environments by combining sound-based creative practices and live visuals,” according to their bandcamp. Check out the live studio session below and see for yourself.

Rounding out tonight’s bill: post-rock tourmates Au Revoir, and locals Elemantra, Slow Cooker, and LA Times. Show starts promptly at 7:30pm with a suggested donation of $5.