TORCHE is set to play Studio at The Waiting Room this evening for undoubtedly one of the best sleeper shows this year. Upon releasing their fourth full-length album, TORCHE received many blessings from their stoner rock forefathers in Sir Lord Baltimore and Kyuss. The songs and videos they’ve been slinging certainly hit that psychedelic-metal atmosphere, and I have to admit, I played the TORCHE VS. ROBOTS video game for quite a bit. The Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game-like recreational computer game was utilized to forward their latest release, Restarter. Songs like “Annihilation,” “Minions,” and”Blasted” grant listeners a provocative taste of TORCHE’s most current offer. “Barrier Hammer” plays exactly how the words are interpreted; get together with your desert rock brethren and have a hell of a time invading each others’ spaces via headbanging, moshing, or just standing around. Doors are at 8pm with a $15 cover.