Christmas is, among other things, the look of joy on children’s faces, spending time with loved ones, and a primal religious observance. It’s also Christmas shopping after doing a few shots, office party ragers, and going to mass with a rampaging buzz to get through primal religious observances. In short, Christmas can be a holiday of divergent extremes, and Rochester power poppers Northern Spies have embraced this duality with a special holiday single featuring an austere and almost reverential “Christmas Must Be Tonight” backed with the rowdy “Big Legged Christmas (Slight Return).”

Northern Spies didn’t mess around. “Christmas Must Be Tonight” is all Dylan and the Band and Sunday school and what Christmas used to be about, with bluesy guitars, soulful organ, and some lovely, searching vocals. “Big Legged Christmas (Slight Return),” however goes for a nasty, vamping blues jam that is all about hollering, and doing your own damn thing on December 25th.

Whether you’re planning on being pious or plastered this Yuletide season, Norther Spies have you covered coming and going.