‘Tis the season for merriment and friendship, and in the spirit of such togetherness (and apparently in my case, cheesy intros), we have a nice collaboration for you before the year comes to a close. Solo musician Jacob Peter has been all over the music scene lately, from the lush synthscapes of Humble Braggers to the axe-in-lap simplicity of his bluesy solo material. This time around finds Peter arranging and producing a track written and sung by buffaBLOG’s own Shauna Presto.

In essence, the song, titled “Wander,” is a true collaboration; elements of both artists are easily discernable within the work, but not without an obvious symbiosis. Whimsical mandolin and Presto’s smoky-sweet vocals open the track, initially conjuring vibes of Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit and the wilderness simplicity of Eddie Vedder’s solo material. Peter’s influence arrives later in the song with an evolving eclecticism in the instrumentation and his proficiency in the art of *tasteful* lead guitar. The whole package (songwriting, arrangements, production) hits a strikingly nice balance, making this love-tinged easy-listener more than worthy of your music library.

Check it out below.