Gowanda producer Chauncey Tails has become known for his typically brief tracks that feature pitch-shifted vocals and hip hop samples alongside whimsical, lush sounds that create a smooth feel that often ranges from melancholy and introspective to soulful, club-inspired beats. The artist’s latest release, Collection IV, compiles nine tracks made over the last year and provides a comprehensive look at the sound he’s been able to cultivate in that time, with engaging vocal chops, recognizable samples, and visceral percussion and bass.

Leading off with, “Only You,” a bouncing, bass-heavy cut, the collection opens with high-energy, ethereal beats before leading into the more melancholy progression on the aptly titled “I Feel Like Nothing But You Are Everything.” “Squirt” features uplifting piano stabs and various warm sounds reminiscent of Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth’s tracks.Perhaps the most impressive drums and bass sounds are found on “Young Drop Top Lexus” that places a fiery hip hop sample atop a hazy chopped sample to. Other highlights from the collection include “Flove,” which finds the producer at his most soulful as the slow-paced beat allows each sample to breathe freely, and “Washed” which pairs air horn samples and a rap vocal with the loop from Washed Out’s “Feel It All Around.”

Listen to “Washed” below or download the full release from Chauncey Tails’ bandcamp page.