The hotly anticipated debut EP from local trio Made Violent has finally landed, and it is definitely our Album of the Week. This fine five song collection is what we’ve been waiting for ever since they exploded onto the scene and began their somewhat wacky, but not surprising upward trajectory towards this big label release. These guys turned heads with a few shows locally with their propulsive downtown NYC meets Manchester guitar rock before essentially disappearing from the local scene and reappearing at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC and in NME write-ups for the band’s UK mini tour before being signed to Columbia Records.

Which brings us to Made Violent, one of the tightest EP’s you will ever hear out of Buffalo, a scintillating collection of bottom heavy guitar jams, joyfully louche and nihilistic lyrics, and delightful harmonies. “Two Tone Hair” kicks it off with a perfect distillation of what makes Made Violent so great: the 70’s Rolling Stones swagger (a point driven home by a lyrical reference to Exile On Main Street), the post punk energy of early Strokes with the meaty guitar rock and harmonies of vintage Oasis, and pleasingly concise songwriting in a delicious 2.5 minute single. “On My Own” showcases Joe White’s swinging bass and Rob Romano’s rich, plaintive howl, while “Dirty” is the Stones tribute Oasis wishes they had done first. Indeed, the band’s following in England is not a mystery.

Nor is why Made Violent is already with a big label. Recorded at Quiet Country Audio and featuring a dense yet pristine sound that sounds like the real deal, everything is in it’s right place on this self produced EP, which finishes strong with the angst ridden and hyper anxious “Inside Out” and the triumphantly anthemic finale “Wasted Days.” All jangly guitars and thunderous drums courtesy of the on time Justin Acce, “Wasted Days” is a joyous manifesto and ode to the nihilistic slacker ethos some live by, while others vicariously through. Slacker ethos notwithstanding, Columbia needs to get these guys back into the studio so they can crank out a full length follow up because this EP is fire in a bottle, and almost certainly proof that Made Violent is the next big thing to come out of Buffalo.

Made Violent is available on iTunes now. Made Violent meanwhile warms up for SXSW with a homecoming show at The Waiting Room this Friday with M.A.G.S., Slums, and Humble Braggers.