December was a great month. It was much less cold, everyone was experiencing the joys of the Christmas season, and Mile High Muzik was dropping a new track every single day. The #Juugcember campaign (led by rapper/producer M-A) brought forth a host of quality hip hop tracks. All styles were fair game for the rap group, and they released everything from boom bap, to some bounce, and of course some good ole trap. Standouts included “Why Are We Here,” “Much More,” and “Red Future,” the first track to get video treatment from the month.

In the vid, the Mile High crew and featured rapper Carrera get wavy and jump around while exchanging a heatwave of verses. The camaraderie is contagious, particularly around the Travis $cott-like moaned chorus, which is one of my favorite parts about the track. Fitted with a crimson filter and some promising rappers, the clip sticks to the song’s “Red Future” name.

Stay tune for more from Mile HIgh. They’re a group with vision and hunger, and if #Juugcember is any hint, there are more big ideas coming from the M-A, Yo Leek, Karma, Bulls, Bones, and the crew.