In time for your holiday shenanigans, local garage punks Ugly Sun have graced us with a new single by the name of “LITTLE SISTER” and an accompanying lyric video that’s funny and trippy as all hell. A skull crushing ode to making time with somebody’s little sister (probably yours), there’s something eternal and timeless within Trey Hollowood’s punk riffs, Harrison Crook’s galloping backbeat, and John Crook’s yearning howl, and “I want to be the space in between” is just a killer lyric. Rudy Scheider’s lyric video is a psychedelic treat of lo-fi video effects, ridiculous detours, including some vaporwave and a cameo by a very sad Joe (Made Violent) White, and distortions that will remind some of trying to watch the Playboy Channel on the sly unsuccessfully with an old cable box. The fellas in Ugly Sun always seem to be up to no good, and I love them for it. Enjoy.