To get to the point, The War on Drugs’ most recent record, Lost in the Dream, is one of the most universally likeable rock records to come out in awhile. It is an early contender for album of the year and will definitely make many top 10 lists barring some sort of truly miraculous run of records (which, by all means, is welcome to happen) between now and December. If you are like me and would only love Bruce Springsteen if he were a little more influenced by Neu!, then this record is a must listen. It is as precise and charging as it is dreamy and lyrical. If you ever wondered what would play if you were ever standing atop a train driving into the American West and looking towards your future, this is it. Don’t even try to act like you haven’t pictured this before.

With that introduction, it should be obvious that tonight’s show is not to be missed. War on Drugs will be rounding out a weekend that already saw last night’s amazing performance by St. Vincent at Asbury Hall. It is a perfect way to cap off today’s beautiful weather.

The War on Drugs w/White Laces
Town Ballroom
Doors at 7pm
All Ages (16+ unless accompanied by a parent or guardian)