Get your culture on tonight at Sugar City as they host a righteous evening celebrating the creative expression of art, rock and roll.

Venturing all the way from Japan and continuing their extensive US tour are one-of-a-kind indie rockers, The Molice. This charming DIY three-piece play bright, bubbly and highly danceable power pop records that draw from a wide range of influences. If you haven’t heard their cover of The Police’s “Bring on the Night,” seek it out ASAP and find out what all the buzz is about. As a special treat, lead singer and guitarist, Rinko, will be showcasing a series of original paintings in the gallery to kick off the night. Stimulate your ears, eyes and mind with this ever-creative and rocking act.

Also taking the stage and bringing the noise are gnarly garage rockers and Buffalo scene vets, Green Slime. This brother duo specializes in raw, melodic grooves that lay rubber and practically ooze from the speakers. Their down and dirty sound features an awesome racket of drums and crunchy guitar riffs that rev like an engine so filthy it would make Scott Pruitt’s polluted heart flutter. Leave your earplugs at home for these guys; the tinnitus will be more than worth it.

Rounding out the night and getting all up in your beeswax are Buffalo’s own teeth-rotting, punk rockers, Gun Candy. Art at 6pm, music at 8p. Gallery is free, $7 for music.