With the recent revival of Sugar City’s new space on Niagara St., things are up and running again for the do-it-yourself Buffalo group. Tonight, they invite you to shake up your hips and let loose to the tunes of the soul movement. Talk with your groove and speak with your inner funk. Kicking off the night is Handsome Dan, followed suit by a crew of individuals who will surely bring the tempting, soothing sounds all evening long: DJ Press, DJ SALINGER, Boss Matto, and Czubie.

To encourage safety, they’re granting free admission to bikers who come down wearing their helmets. Get buckled up and fly down to Milkie’s so your toes can stretch and knees get a little freaky. Use 5 charms to get in the door. This event is also 18+.  Now do yourself a favor and enjoy this live Marvin Gaye song!