What are you doing tonight? Well, if you’re not too busy binging on season 2 of Orange is the New Black, stalking your ex on Facebook, or trying to decide who won twitter this week between Rob Delaney and Patton Oswalt, I hear there’s a show going on tonight.

But Justin, there are just so many shows going on in the Queen City tonight, how do I choose which one? You can start by heading over to the Flower House as later tonight, they will be hosting On the Cinder’s tour kick off show. The Buffalo punk band, who are ‘fueled by cheap beer and the fear of getting old,’ will be sent off in style by fellow Buffalonian punks Accidentals, Grain Assault, and Seven Thirty Seven before hitting the road. Music kicks off at 7pm with a suggested donation of $3-$5. Ask around for the address.