Buffalo has a long, rich history of solid hardcore bands from Zero Tolerance, Slugfest and Envy to Every Time I Die, and Buried Alive. There’s countless more I could name, but it would be a lesson in futility. There must be something in the water here.

One of the best of these best has been around for 25 years and have released so many legendary albums, it would be pointless to try and pick out the high marks. Snapcase are, in many ways, Buffalo’s pride and joy. Throughout their history they’ve set the benchmark for great songs…. style for days. In the last few years they’ve been largely inactive, playing sporadic reunion shows, but the kids still get excited whenever they hear Snapcase will be lacing up again.

Tonight the band celebrate their 25th anniversary at Town Ballroom ($28) with Grade (late 90’s fellow Victory alum and pretty f’n excellent band) and Endpoint, along with locals Revealer. This show will probably sell out too, so act fast and get on it. A Snapcase live show is not something you really miss. Show at 7pm.