For those who believed they would never live long enough to see a band carry on where Black Sabbath left off, fear not. We have Sleep. Emerging from the stoner rock capitol of the world, southern California, Sleep started in the early nineties with their meld of stoner rock and heavy metal. Bass player Al Cisneros tuned down to create hypnotic drone rhythms while guitarist Matt Pike layered in stoner-rock riffs and created Doom-Metal.

The band found critical success that lead to battles with record labels who ultimately forced them to lay down their instruments. Again, fear not, for Sleep has woken up. They released their first full length album in almost twenty years in 2018 thanks to Jack White’s record label Third Man Records, and the result most definitely warrants the wait. The Sciences brings Doom Metal back to the forefront of rock ‘n roll, and combined with their stoner influenced imagery, Sleep will have you head banging in a hypnotic trance when you catch them at the Town Ballroom this evening. Tickets are $32 advanced and doors at 7pm.

Written by Kevin Prentice