As part of Infringement Festival, buffaBLOG has put together a sort of “Rochester Invasion” if you will. We are bringing a bunch of our favorite Rochester bands to Buffalo tonight for a night of music and co-mingling.

We’ve curated a genre-spanning selection of some of Rochester’s finest, including: electro-synth masters KOPPS; the powerpoppers in The Demos; surf-tinged garage from Buffalo Sex Change (PS, nice name guys); dreamy 60s-poppers Howlo; all rounded out by Hannah Weidner and the Doorway Talkers.

Nietzsche’s is the place to be tonight. The show starts at 9:00pm and is VERY reasonably priced at $5. We Buffalonians will bring the wings to snack on if you Rochester-bros will bring some Kodak film on which to capture our debaucherous night. Ah, unity. See you there.