I saw a separate Prawn/Del Paxton show last March at The Lair, and it was an experience I can most closely (and I guess weirdly) compare to cracking a fresh egg on the rim of a frying pan. It was my first time seeing Del Paxton live, my first time really getting into Prawn, and I was genuinely excited about everything I was hearing. The show did not disappoint.

If you weren’t at that show last year, fear not. Prawn and Del Paxton are headlining Dreamland tonight. Prawn’s post-rock sound is hypnotic, but not without inciting some type of visceral response, which makes for the perfect type of band to see in such an intimate setting.

Del Paxton has recently joined the Topshelf family along with Prawn, and it is a well deserved membership. I’m consistently impressed with the trio’s live set and I’ve seen these guys a handful of times by now. DP’s alt-90’s aesthetic is techy enough to mesmerize, and catchy enough to be super accessible.

Also on the bill are Buffalo based Alleys, who bear a striking sonic similarity to Tiny Moving Parts, and shoe-gazey Rochester natives, Secret Pizza. The show starts at 6pm and is only 6 bucks!