She’s brown, she’s smart, and she’s leading the saviors we didn’t know we’d been waiting for. This Memorial Day, get pummeled by a wave of political dance-punk from the Victoria Ruiz fronted Downtown Boys at Sugar City. The Providence based unit mixes punk and Spanish with jazzy sax parts to make a dance party that is also a learning experience. This is a band that gets back to punk’s political roots, a band that again makes punk a gateway to cultural and social consciousness.

Downtown Boys has been around for a few years, but are creating a real buzz recently with the new album Full Communism that dropped this month, and I am excited about them. Downtown Boys is unstoppable.

Green Dreams from Rochester and Buffalo’s own Boy Scouts are rounding out the show ($6, 6pm) with a lot of non-male representation, which is always best.

Watch this must see educational video before heading over later.