Philly’s indie rock sweethearts Past Life breeze through Buffalo tonight with a stacked lineup at Sugar City. The four-piece is currently riding the wave of their recently released EP The Loudest Sound, featuring their stalwart single “Apollo” at the forefront. Banding together in the city of brotherly love, Past Life’s music has a connectivity that boasts of childhood camaraderie and intuition, even with just two years as a band under their belt. Meeting wispy falsetto with bleary distortion and spirited group vocals, these headliners promise a kinetic show saturated in guitar rock and sweat.

Past Lives are joined on tour with Montreal’s Molly Drag, whose dismal crooning takes a page out of the Teen Suicide-Dandelion Hands book. Michael Hansford’s dusky melodies and morose lyricism provide a form of catharsis that gradually lulls you into introspection, which will likely be found on his upcoming album Thumper, out this September.

The two acts are joined by local grunge rockers Velvet Bethany and lo-fi enthusiasts Award Show and Ex-Pat. Tickets are $5 with doors opening at 7pm. Sounds like a great way to spend your Thursday night.