Buffalo noise outfit Noumenoise is curating a heavy duty two night noise fest celebrating and exploring “ordered and chaotic sound.”

Tonight’s first night at Milkie’s on Elmwood is focused on “heavy earth sounds” and will be featuring Ithaca’s HEARSE, Cosmic Heart Crisis from Syracuse, Rochester’s Fentanyl Tapwater, plus local noise artists Anthopic, Jesse and the Spirit, Menophilia, and Party Shirt.

Tomorrow night at Nietzsche’s will be all about “heavenly space sounds” from Cleveland’s Item, Denzelworldpeace, Dogs In Stereo, Family ph0t0 b00k, $Bitch.00, Karsten Brooks, TEA SOUP, and Destroying. Cover is $5 per show or $7 for a two night wristband, and doors are at 8pm.

Being a celebration of the local and regional noise scenes, it has been requested that there will be “no discrimination, no creeps, no egos,” so please, don’t be a dickhead.