Pop punkers of the world rejoice! Your favorite 90’s band is back! (Sorry NOFX…you were great, but kinda burned us on those last few records). Lagwagon, the seminal California group that counted itself as one of the figureheads of the mid-90’s punk explosion, and, lets be honest, was the tour de force of Fat Wreck Chords, has decided to release a new album after nine loooonnnnngggg years and hit the road.

And by hitting the road, I mean hitting it HARD with Fat Wreck Chords other prodigal sons, the slightly more melancholic, street-anchored Swingin’ Utters. (This Legends are on the bill too). A solid dose of fast, melodic punk brought to you by the label we all worshipped as disenfranchised, awkward youth. Town Ballroom ($25) sets the stage for our energy and impassioned chants of “Violins”. Get there by 7pm to catch all the action.