The night before Thanksgiving is sometimes thought of as one of the biggest party nights of the year as people goad themselves for the coming onslaught of awkward family interactions. Well, instead of the usual bar crawl or at least before the usual bar crawl why not take some time for some positive fun that goes toward a good cause at the third annual Well Rounded People’s Party. Even more exciting…you can have this fun on wheels!

The Well Rounded People’s Party is an “all ages/all peoples” event and a rare opportunity to get your innovative media, great DJ sets, delicious food provided by West Side Bazaar, and an old-fashioned roller skating fun in one place. With sets by DJ Cutler, UVB76, Greg Howze, and DJ Dana Dancehammer, as well as an interactive live video projection by Chris Svoboda, this is sure to be a great time. So take some time to have some fun with your neighbors and remember why living in this city can be pretty great. Plus, did I mention roller skates?!

The Well Rounded People’s Party
Sponsored By: PUSH Buffalo, The WASH Project @ Westside Value Laundromat, West Side Bazaar, Turnaround Skates, Ferry Street Corridor Project
New Skateland Arena (33 East Ferry St)
All Ages
$5/$1 skate rental

*In case you want to impress anyone, here is a quick tutorial by a man named Joe on doing a trick that I found on YouTube. [buffaBLOG is not responsible for any injuries incurred while attempting these tricks…you saw this elsewhere…]