Looking to get out of the house tonight? Interested in hearing some live music that wont melt your face or leave you wishing you brought ear plugs? Then you should probably head down to Nietzsche’s for a night of acoustic tunes from Rochester’s Hieronymus Bogs and home town acts Leroy & Loretta and The Brown Family Singers. Bogs’s new record The Angel is set to drop this Saturday (you can stream it here), so look forward to a selection of those tunes to be tackled later on.

If you make the leap and go, expect to have your heart warmed with the soft acoustic tunes of all of these groups. To put it in another perspective, this isn’t a night for $3 PBRss but rather one to sip on scotch.

The evening will be hosted by Alfred Eberle Brown of the Brown Family Singers. Admission is presumed to be free, but that is not a guarantee. Things will kick off at 9pm and will wrap up some time around midnight. Hope to see you there.