Multi instrumentalist and songwriter Joe Mason released one of the more infectious local debuts last year when his infectious, melodic self-titled LP, which earned Album of The
Week honors here at buffaBLOG. With vocals similar to Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew, hazy synths, and soulful rhythms, the artist’s dense arrangements feel vibrant and evocative, bringing a sense of wonder to the listener.

The straightforward, patient songwriting style present throughout Mason’s releases is present on his latest EP, titled The Feels, a five track effort with a psych-pop flavor and melodic instrumentation. Opening track “Stay The Same” begin with a sonorous synth and offers a spacious sound defined by reverb-heavy, soulful vocals and beaming keys. “Pretty Sun” sonically reflects its’ namesake with reflective melodies and dusty percussion, which along with “When I’m Away,” presents a dream-pop oriented sound previously unheard from the artist. In contrast, the immediacy of the title track takes things in a more experimental rock direction with its’ dizzying guitar solo and jittery drums.

Listen to The Feels below or download the EP from Mason’s bandcamp page.