Synthetic astronaut Com Truise brings his super chilled out brand of retro-futuristic electronica back to downtown Buffalo tonight at the Rec Room with special guests Photay and Beshken. On tour in support of his recently released fourth album Persuasion System, NYC native Com Truise aka Seth Haley has been patrolling the musical fusion borderlands that exist out of time and space between subsonic electrofunk, vaporwave, roller rink ecstasy, and neon soaked Vice City for the last decade, and his live show is a full on experience felt in the electrical impulses that are you soul and right on down to the quantum level, which basically means it’s a really good time.

Opening the show and working on the crowd with experimental vibes will be NYC inner ear wizard Photay and Los Angeles DIY electronica act Beshken. Doors are at 7pm and tickets are $20.