It’s not very often you hear post rock coming out of Western New York, let alone some serious musical landscapes that can take you on a journey from start to finish. Ever Onward,  the brainchild of Colin Berardini, readies for a big 2020 with the release of his three song EP, Learning to Breathe.

The EP has a very powerful motif and is extremely cohesive from top to bottom. The ambient drones and soft piano hooks act as the sonic glue which really makes this an easy listen from start to finish. The record, which is self-described by Berardini to represent the journey of a relationship from it’s very beginning through to marriage, and all the stages in between.

Learning to Breathe begins with “Disposition.” This song serves as the perfect introduction as it begins with swirling synth drones and builds with guitars and keys as it finally erupts at the 2:40 mark into a full band explosion. The track seamlessly fades into “Leaves” which serves its purpose as a perfect median track on the record.

The EP’s last song “Lifetime” is the ideal ending to this record, as it is the climax to the two songs that led up to it. The song and its varying parts represents the Berardini’s wedding day and the roller coaster of emotions he felt throughout the day from the to the reception as celebration of love that followed.

Learning to Breathe is great instrumental record, and is perfect for fans of Explosions in the Sky,  Mogwai, and pick up where TOMOREAUX left off. Check out the album below and look out for the project’s live debut in 2020.

Written by Mike Rakiecki