French Polynesian experimental duo, Cantenac Dagar, create challenging instrumental music using banjo’s, cassette player’s, and human beatbox to achieve an often abrasive, drone-oriented sound. The pair’s latest release, a nearly thirty minute, one-track effort titled BUREC, develops slowly to reveal a raw, abrasive style with built around primal percussion. Tonight, the two will be performing at Mohawk Place where Cantenac Dagar will also play a set as the duo’s acoustic alter-ego, Fort Crèvecœur, which incorporates more traditional instrumentation with the same avant-garde inclinations as Cantenac Dagar.

Also performing tonight are Buffalo experimental folk musician Lara Buckley, whose sparse acoustic arrangements combined with an other-worldly vocal delivery makes for a meditative take on the genre as well as local duo Double Memory. Show starts at 8pm. Admission is $5.