Wednesday seems like a good night for music on the darker side, which is good as Dreamland will be host to 3 excellent acts. Tonight’s Boyharsher show is a great fit for those looking brooding, moody music that is at times danceable.

Boyharsher fills out the danceable card, performing minimal wave songs with an industrial edge. Combining sparse synths with droning vocals, the Georgia based duo is sure to put on an excellent show.

Local post-punks, Orations, offer a guitar driven counterpoint playing music reminiscent of Bauhaus and early Cure.

Heart Brains are billed as “thoughtful’ noise-drones. Oddly enough, they are the harshest sounding band in a show featuring another band with ‘harsh’ in their name.

For only a $5 donation to the awesome space at Dreamland, this is a great way to spend a Wednesday or any day really. Show begins at 8pm.