According to Bart Hart, it all started in 1994. It sounds like the beginning of a campfire horror story. A story that the ‘bro’ antagonist tells to get the big breasted cheerleader scared. However, Hart’s story is a bit more seedy and endearing, consisting of a bar called Ashbury Alley, punk rock, and of course Buffalo.

Formerly the Rust Belt Show, the Big Neck Fest returns with its annual festival for the 15th year. Presented by Shaken Stylus and Queen City ex-pat record label, Big Neck Records( now based in northern Virginia). Tonight, Big Neck Fest will commence for its Day 1 festivities at the Allentown staple, Nietzsche’s.

Big Fest isn’t just any  rock show. This is a festival that managed to bring Jay Reatard to Buffalo in its first two years back in 1999 and 2000, and this year isn’t any different. Headlining Day 1 will be Chi Town’s White Mystery. Fresh off of a European tour, the sisterly gingered, garage rock duo released their fourth full length, Dubble Dragon, in April.

In support of White Mystery will be Governess, a band consisting of former members of Pink Tiger, and one that will surely not disappoint you, especially considering when contacted to supply some information on themselves, they simply sent a link to a Wikipedia page for Seppuku. Seppuku is the Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment.

Also on the bill for this evening will be Fatal Figures and The Soul Butchers. Fatal Figures feature former members of The Blowjobs. The garage, art-punk, noise trio will be dropping an LP this fall on Big Neck Records. The Soul Butchers who will be rounding out the show, featuring former members of Trailer Park Tornadoes. They just added a new drummer so former drummer/ vocalist Justin Rowland could step out from behind the kit to get up front and personal with the kiddies.

Day 2 of the Big Neck Fest will feature seven more bands. The lineup includes buzz fuzz rockers from Chicago The Funs, Baltimore’s The Ravagers, The Activations, Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, and T-Tops, from Pittsburgh. Also on the bill will be the blues induced guitars of Buffalo’s The Afterbirth Tycoon, and the punks of Fleshy Mounds who just dropped their new EP, You’re Welcome, at The Hoyt house last weekend.  Show starts at 10pm (both days- tonight and tomorrow) at Nietzsche’s, 7 bucks at the door.