Sweden based artist Jimmy Koitzsch, aka Svidden, is here with their first release, the infectious and deliciously danceable track, “Blurry Eyes.” Jimmy has been behind the scenes in some of Sweden’s biggest acts such as Galantis, Becky Hill, Alan Walker and SEEB (just to mention a few), but has also been brewing their solo music, which has finally began to see the light of day. “Blurry Eyes” is a wonder-filled EDM track that gels together its elements in a stunningly satisfying way. Relaxed modulated vocals play perfectly with bubbly synth textures and uses both to excite the senses and lighten the soul. Soon the vocals start to soar and the mix thickens as the track builds towards a chorus that creates a waves of elation that builds in your stomach and blooms in your chest. You’ll be lifted to shining emotional heights and find an undeniable need to glide across the floor in sync with the contagious savory beat.

Listen to Svidden’s new track “Blurry Eyes” on SpotifySoundCloud and many other sources on the track’s LinkTo now. Find more from Svidden on their Instagram.