A dandy of a single from Utah-based Krooked Kings, “Coming of Age” has lots of great indie hooks that scratch the discerning music listener’s itches. I’m happy to see more bands with appropriate use of synth which I’ve ranted about before (Krooked Kings use it effectively throughout). The warm guitars and heartfelt lyrics would fit in well to the soundtrack of a Zac Braff-esque indie movie and would play over a montage of the tsundere protagonist growing up… But also, the mellow strumming and gentle hooks here are evergreen through and through.

Fans of Los Campesinos!, Glass Animals, or Hazel English would find a lot to enjoy not only with this track but with most of Krooked Kings’ catalogue. You can hear more of them over on Spotify. Also be sure to let us know what you think on this and any other music we post in the comments on our social meedz.