The on-stage moniker of Asheville native Dustin Goldklang; Little Champion‘s sound is that of a well-tuned indie rock bicycle. “Indie rock” is catch all term that gets thrown around, but Little Champion definitely fits the bill: self recorded, produced, and mixed (though this certainly doesn’t discredit anyone who can’t do all three). “oops i got sad” leads with warm guitars that crescendo along with Goldklang’s initial almost-whisper in the first third before backing off at the first bridge and guiding us along with the one-sided argument he’s having about (or with?) the malaise he’s feeling.

Listeners of emo and/or folk-flavored indie would find a lot to enjoy, specifically Iron and Wine, heart-on-your-sleeve acts like Modern Baseball, or pop rocker Andrew McMahon’s previous project, Jack’s Mannequin. “oops…” is just one of nine tracks from Little Champion’s March 7th release Curiosity so I will say this: give it a listen. You can hear him slide from different genres with ease but still very much part of a cohesive effort. You can find this and other smooth jams over on Spotify (where, I kid you not, you can also buy an “oops i got sad” coffee mug). Let us know in the comments of our various social media accounts how you feel about this one!