Soffía Björg’s latest single, “The Road,” plays upon the process of returning to the physical and symbolic place that is home. The smattering of folky twangs within a foundation of indie rock is what makes this song sound even more forlorn. The Icelandic singer’s voice lilts gracefully over a moving bass line and rhythmic guitar, all colliding in each repeat of the melody’s original motif. This song’s impact lies in the subtle dynamic contrasts; the strummed swells and accents propelling it forward as we follow Björg on her journey down this road. The video features Björg as the archetypal femme fatale driving her vintage Mercedes down the metaphorical path of no return, as the Icelandic countryside creeps past. Have a listen and you, too, might find yourself mid-existential crisis on a journey through genuine soul-searching.

Written by Cassandra Dailey