Well, I learned three things at this show. One, that Jeff Rosenstock needs to be elected president. I’m not really sure why, but he does. Second, that there is nothing like the absolute MADNESS of a sold out PUP hometown show, and third being that stage diving is a dangerous game.

Almost right from the get go with Tiny Moving Parts, the crowd was in a frenzy, passionately singing along to the band’s deeply personal, hard hitting lyrics.  Jeff Rosenstock then took the stage and initiated a total party, screaming at the top of his lungs, and even with being the one band on this tour that COULD be considered the odd one out, seemingly had won the entire crowd over by the end of his set,following a great cover of “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.

Then, things got real insane real quick.  It’s almost hard to explain how the home town crowd reacted to PUP.  At multiple points during their set, I’m pretty sure there were more people on the stage that were from the crowd than actually in the band.  From start to finish, most of the crowd screamed the vocals along with the band, it was something truly inspiring.   With only one record under their belts, this band had a near perfect live show, and everyone in the venue seemed to know them.  I almost feel as if PUP should have headlined this show, especially seeding how things ended with Modern Baseball’s set.

Don’t get me wrong though, Modern Baseball was incredible.  The crowd reacted to the same extent as PUP, even enticing a giant mosh pit at one point.  Unfortunately, Toward the end of their set, an incident involving a stage dive gone wrong left a girl on the floor, then carted off to the hospital, stopping the bands set.  The band came back on to play two more tracks (“Your Graduation” and a cover of The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside”) after the venue’s excellent staff handled the situation, but the energy in the crowd seemed lost to an extent.  This unfortunate ending to the set does have a happy ending though, as PUP announced over Facebook that they had received that the girl that was injured is okay and stable, thankfully.

Check out some shots from the show below, and click here for a full gallery of photos from the night.

Tiny Moving PartsIMG_0032 IMG_0124 omg IMG_0036 IMG_0212

Jeff RosenstockIMG_0410 IMG_0261 IMG_0247 IMG_0320

PUPIMG_0435 IMG_0486 IMG_0574 IMG_0427

Modern Baseball
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