Singer-songwriter Max García Conover’s latest album was penned in true acoustic-folk fashion – while traveling across the US via vintage motorhome. With a goal to pen one song a week, his album motorhome was born, and with it his lead single “fire on i-295.” There’s a distinctly homey feel to the track, almost as if reminiscing over an old story with a close friend. He opens the door and invites you in, urging you to stay a while. It’s warm and it’s comforting, filled with anecdotes that act as much to set the scene as to bare his soul. With compelling phrases like “I’m gonna love you till my body burns,” García Conover’s lyricism has a way of surfacing to the forefront just when it’s most affecting. On the album, he states “motorhome is an autobiographical album about longing — for revelation, for a place to call home on our own terms, for work that is worthy of our desire, for love. It’s got car crashes and fireworks and runaways and roadkill and drunk teenagers riding through moonlit fields on the backs of wild animals.” Find more of the homegrown recordings of motorhome here, recently released on September 22nd via Son Canciones.