Electronic producer and former Cinnamon Aluminum multi-instrumentalist, Kristachuwan, is known for his dense arrangements, often combining abrasive sounds with melodic, lush samples to make for an experimental take on electronica, house, and ambient music. Prior to relocating to New Mexico late last month, the artist released his latest EP, Seeing Eyes (will not be), which furthers his style of layering organic sounds in an abstract manner and is yet another unique collection of tracks that share a refreshing sense of playfulness.

The album’s title track blends warm, inviting vocal melodies with a stark bass line and gritty, off-kilter percussion, while tracks like “Romanky,” “Bourgeois Harem,” and “Zebra (St. Sophia)” take a more meandering, jazzy approach with saxophone samples, bringing to mind the expansive work of producer Flying Lotus. Similar to the Los Angeles artist, Kristachuwan brings progressive ideas to styles like jazz, funk, and soul in an attempt to put past sounds in a modern context. Seeing Eyes (Will Not Be) is streaming on soundcloud and is available for download on bandcamp.