In the essence of Spring newness (we’re getting there) and spontaneity, Cookie, the fresh punk project of Jordan Nittoli (Newish Star, Dream Journal) and Dave Dluga (Softlines, White Whale, Mapmaker) has dropped its debut EP, Tell it to the FudgeThe three tracks listen like a Japandroids / Built to Spill combo– sometimes fast, sometimes brash, but always on point.

“Recording these songs was a pleasant surprise” notes Nittoli when asked about the project. “We had messed around with the riff for ‘Research and Development’ a few weeks earlier… thought it would be cool to write a couple more songs, and here we are.”

While you shouldn’t expect to catch Cookie live any time soon, new songs may still be on the horizon.

“It may continue to be a recording project,” adds Nittoli. “More or less to solidify some floating ideas.”

I particularly enjoy the hearty stroll of  “Rule the Universe,” definitely a stand out on the EP. Take a listen below.