I had been hearing the buzz for awhile, especially after the group’s much hyped Joywave collaboration “Tongues,” but it wasn’t till seeing KOPPS earlier this year that they made an impression on me, and what an impression they made. Taking the stage before !!!, the Rochester quartet laid down the gauntlet with an impressive arsenal of dance-punk jams that shook the room.

Now KOPPS is back with its newest and perhaps most impressive single yet, titled “My Gold.” It’s worth mentioning the production on the track, which was handled by Joywave front man Danial Armbruster, as it might be the breeziest the band has ever sounded. That’s not to say “My Gold” is not a banger though. With it’s propulsive bassline and hard-hitting beats, the track is an absolute belter of a single.

Check it out below.