M.A.G.S. is the main project of Elliott Douglas, the multi-faceted Buffalo musician who has been a member of, by his count, about 14 different bands in the area over the years. Somehow distantly related to Jimi Hendrix, through marriage or something like that (you can hear his story about his relative in the interview halfway through the session), Douglas effortlessly fronts the his three piece band with creative little guitar riffs and vocal belts that sometimes come out in focused and graceful yells.

Bassist Andy Wesner and drummer Adam Lilley complete the trio that create a sound that could fool you into thinking they had something crazy, like four members in their group. However, as this handy buffaBLOG session will show you, they only need themselves to “rock out,” no matter the venue. Even if it’s outside of a warehouse at dusk on a hot summer night. Oh, and it’s worth noting that Douglas sang like this without any vocal monitor. So yeah, they’re talented.

Their most recent release is Cellophane, out now on Admirable Traits Records. We highly recommend that you forgo your afternoon coffee and shell out the three dollars to feed your addiction of local music instead, right here at M.A.G.S.’ bandcamp.