Buffalo musician Emily Finlan has released her first EP via bandcamp. Recording under the name heave, the self-titled EP is a quick three-song debut. Here, she acts as lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, with accompaniment from Jake Galenski on drums, slide guitar and organ.

Having been recorded in an attic, the EP has deep DIY indie vibes, which lends itself to the laid back nature of these tunes. The smooth reverberant tone of the electric guitar provides a gliding effect that coasts throughout the not quite 8 minute release. The lightest organ and second guitar flourishes ebb and flow at just the right moments to bring each track to life.

For being only three songs long, there is quite a bit of range here. Opening track, “beveled,” has a loose jazz groove to it, with a slide guitar refrain that teases a lazy beach afternoon. The second track, “cape squad,” is a very pretty finger-picked instrumental that melts right into the final track. “conform” is a floating indie ballad, complete with emotional swells and drums that pick up and gain momentum just enough before completely dropping out.

Each of these songs feel like they would be right at home on the soundtrack to a Joe Swanberg mumblecore film. Gently resting on top of it all is Finlan’s mid-range voice, sitting comfortably in the center of the mix, providing an air of melancholy to the breezy saunter of her compositions.

You can check out the debut heave EP now via bandcamp or mark your calendar for heave’s upcoming show on October 30th at Sugar City.