Far Caspian is the moniker under which Irishman Joel Johnson produces music and “Pet Architect” is his latest single. Tight drums along with subdued, stripped down guitars move this track along at a steady clip, but you thoroughly enjoy the journey. His vocals walk the line between an almost whisper yet maintain a warm, melancholy tone throughout. If you’ve never heard him before or you’re looking for a similar sound, you wouldn’t go amiss with Sparklehorse, Autolux, or The Radio Dept.

Johnson speaks to the nature of the of the song:

“I wrote ‘Pet Architect’ after a Crohn’s flare up I had on tour that made me feel alienated from the rest of the group… I was reading about Japanese architecture and how they filled in tiny spaces on the street between buildings with condensed buildings and I felt like that worked as a metaphor for how I felt being pushed into an illness that wasn’t there previously”.

Be sure to check out “Pet Architect” as well as the prior single “The Last Remaining Light” (which we reviewed quite favorably)over on Spotify. His new album The Last Remaining Light is out on July 14th, which will be available at the last twelve record stores in existence or the streaming platform of your choice.