Buffalo’s own Starjuice is a dreamy punk band performed by singer/songwriter and actor Sidney Flanigan, backed by Corey Wilde on bass, Spencer Eck on drums, and Jeffrey Colson on guitar. The band released their debut EP, Reminders, as a three-track in the fall of 2020 amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, followed by their first full-length, Growing Pains (with former guitarist Jake Maurer) in February 2022. Rooted in punk but embellished by Sidney’s tender and heartfelt lyrics, Starjuice hopes to make you cry for your ex while you mosh in the pit.

Their latest offering, the three-song EP Sign Language, was recorded at Skyway Studios out of Nashville TN, as the band wanted to try something new to catch the attention of their fans. The project starts off strong with the first track “Signs,” as Jeff and Sidney open up with snarling guitar riffs; Spencer with his pounding drums; and Corey’s relentless basslines that capture the spirit of punk’s golden era. The construction of the chorus will leave you on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next as Sidney belts out, “speak to me, oh speak to me [in signs]” reminding their fans to not try and hang on to what you have left in the past.

Staying on brand with connecting to their fans on past ex troubles, track two, “Hands/Wrists,” starts off with Sidney saying, “You hold my hands, [instead of] my wrists,”” this is the turning point of the project in the aspect of letting go. The band is at their best here, layering sparkly guitar leads overtop Sydney’s heart-on-your-sleeve delivery before launching into an epic, fuzzed-out chorus.

Punked-out closer, the tellingly-named “Closure,” brings to mind the raw and raucous energy of 90s-era Hole. The lyrics cut deep, resonating with those who have endured heartache, inspiring them to reclaim their strength and embrace a future untethered from the shadows of the past. This entire EP is an unapologetic testament to the power of moving forward, leaving behind the wreckage of a failed romance and embracing the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. If you are one of many who are bothered by a nagging betrayal of a past ex or even a friend close to you and want some clarity, you’ll get your clear-mindedness from this project. Not only do the lyrics hit home, but the instruments play a huge role in shaping the character of each song. 

Overall, the band wants to help you get over a hump that you may not thought you could ever get over within this three track EP.  They want you to think and know that wherever darkness may lie, there will always be a shed of light at the end of the tunnel – a light they ultimately provide.

Sign Language was mixed by Buffalo’s own Trevor Balbierz and was mastered by Buffalo’s own John Naclerio. The cover art was done by the band themselves. Check out Sign Language now on Spotify and/or Apple Music.