Irish songwriter/producer Joel Johnston aka Far Caspian (check out our previous feature on them here) brings his magnetic and ineffable sonics to you with his latest single, “The Last Remaining Light,” the title track of his upcoming LP, due out July 14th. Let the textured and layered atmospherics and soft harmonized vocals wash over you as the warmly strummed guitar lines shift and evolve, wrapping around you as the enigmatic track develops. Patient but entrancing like a full moon on a clear autumn night, the song will calm you while giving you access to expanses for you to explore. Here is Johnston discussing the genesis of the newly released single:

“I had a nightmare that my mum passed away and when I woke up I felt terrible. It made me think of what life would be like if she wasn’t here and I wrote this song to symbolize how much she means to me and to capture the feeling of inevitability with all of our own mortality. The line ‘The Last Remaining Light’ represents the point in which you’re ready to move on and let go. After being diagnosed out of the blue with Crohn’s I’ve caught myself thinking about life and death more and Ive found myself writing about it in my songs more recently. It made me realize that although life may seem to be going one way, it can change very quickly. I don’t want to shine a light on death in a miserable way but as I learn to make peace with it myself, I hope that if I touch on it in my songs it can feel more like a natural rite of passage rather than something to fear.”

Johnston is coming off a hit freshman album and a sold out US tour and will be touring extensively with his band with the new LP. Fans of Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Broken Social Scene will find lots to love with Far Caspian.

Listen to the new single “The Last Remaining Light” from Far Caspian on Spotify and Soundcloud. Check out more from the band on their Instagram.