“Out in the Sun” is the latest single from cowboys cum songwriters Christian Lyles and Stefan J. Selbert, the two members of His Old Chain. We’ve written about the band previously here – what we dug up there is about all there is to find about this mysterious duo online. Their soothing vocals and chillwave-esque guitar effects kept me listening, but also also paired really well with a relaxing strain of “green tea.” As far as vibes go, if you like Voxtrot but wanted to somehow make them more chill you would get something resembling His Old Chain.

Bonus points if you can figure out what is said within the first 10 seconds of the track; I will literally buy you a beer because I pretty much peaked in high school with basic French (poorly, I might add).

You can hear “Out in the Sun” along with a growing collection of songs over on Spotify. If you are in His Old Chain or have more info on the band we’d love to know more!  Feel free to slide into our DMs or leave a comment over on our social meedz!