Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, and producer Dov Sikowitz, aka DOVVYDOTCOM, has an excellent, unabashed new single with “central ’22.” The track brings you in with an unassuming but welcoming buzz-and-hiss jangly guitar intro that sets the stage for the beautiful guitar picking backbone that the song drops into. The buzz has that irresistible warmth of a tube amp that simultaneously tickles the cochlea and heart, and Dov’s patient songwriting dances with that warmth so well, creating a sonic progression that is eternally pleasing. As a music fan, this writer is a straight sucker for lyric forward song writing and Dov delivers that so well as his soft warm confident singing lays out his poetry so clearly with the sparse production of the track only focusing on guitar and vocal. This creates an emotionally gripping center similar to greats such as Death Cab for Cutie, Alex G, and Dijion. Here is Dov talking about making the new single:

“This song is quite cathartic for me. I’d just moved out and was in my first spot away from home, and I just sat down with my guitar and wrote the whole thing in like an hour. Felt like it needed to happen, and I’m happy with how it came out.”

Listen to the new track “central ’22” on Spotify and Youtube.